Flexbo (TianJin) Logistic System Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.

Flexbo International Ltd is an Italian invested company cooperating with international partners. The company has been designing and developing highly sophisticated energy saving and liquidpackaging solutions in Europe, making use of barrier packaging material for many years. The company enjoys high reputation in the whole sale market in which has contributed to the advancement of packaging technology. Melt-Frorencontainer, already patented in more than 40 countries,represents the near-future innovation drive and development impulse of the company and is expected to bewidely used for transportation, processingand storage of products where conditioning is required during transportation itself or eventually before product discharging

Since Spring 2013 the company has set up a factory in Tianjn, China to manufacture products under strict control quality.The manufacturing facility is certified according to the highest standard for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Products are engineered in Europe and manufactured in China according to specific requirements.

The production facility is made up of a clean room andis equipped for the production of Melt-Froren bulk container of sizes from 250 liters to 2000 liters along with Paper IBC and Inliner in flexible packaging.

Additionally few bag making machinesare available for manufacturing a wide range of flexible packaging in various sizes, from 1 LT to 1600 LT in order to fulfill any kind of packaging requirements aseptic and non-aseptic, for food contact, industrial or retailing use. The total manufacturing capacity is 30 ML bags per year and the personnel is instructed according to the most strict European quality standard. Products make use of FDA and EU certified raw materials so that they comply with all food standards.

Flexbo is proud to have developed in cooperation with Italian Polytechnic of Milanalsoa  special packaging for radio protection and the storage of nuclear radiation contaminated soil, which was specially designed to deal with the Fukushima nuclear disaster in year 2011.

From Year 2017 the company has been starting the introduction into Greater China of the innovative first one-hand opening sachet and processing machinery, EasySnap.made in Italy.

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